About Kudenga

A 100% black owned company, majority women state holding in the company which is in line with the South African initiative to empower women.


Kudenga is an investment company involved in a diversified projects ranging from consulting to asset management and marketing. The company has a team of multidisciplinary professional that provide business transforming advice and intervention.


Kudenga also provides mining and environmental solutions to a range of clientele on matter relating to permitting and legal compliance. The experienced team has thorough understanding of the legal requirement relating to the mining industry.


Kudenga is associates with Marakapula Reserves which is an epitome of nature beauty. The accommodation facility is world class and has a signature of the Bushveld in the interior finishes.


Kudenga also has the Bellz Boutique in the Tzaneen Mini Mall with exclusive fashions. Our collection of heading turning local and international fashions is a definite must see.


We believe in bringing small business previously ignored to the full attention and affection of the public. Through this, we are able to create value for our stakeholders.